Current online prices on "Golden Days, Enchanting Nights" CD at cdbaby.com
  • $.99 per track mp3 download
  • Look for the $5 button at the right of the page. Combine this CD with 2 others in the $5 bin, pay $5 each.
Current online price for "Habibi, You Are My...WHAT?! Essential Arabic for Dancers - Volume 1 is $19.99.

"First Fridays" ~ Monthly Belly Dance Nights ~ Live Music & Singer Khalil Abboud at
Tannourine Restaurant in San Mateo, CA!

What happened in Egypt in June-July, 2013, Egyptian Revolution, Part 2 - What I saw,
heard, learned there while it was happening.
Cairo 2011 Blog A month-long stay in Cairo, my home away from home
In addition to her performing and teaching
accomplishments, Leyla has
  • Created an instructional DVD based on her
    popular workshop on essential Arabic words and
    phrases for dancers. NEW! DVD is available in
    digital download.  Click on DVD in the menu
    on the right.
  • Produced a music CD in Egypt, featuring a dance
    piece composed by Hassan Abou el Seoud.
Click the images at right for more about these must-
haves for dancers.  Some review comments:
>>>>> Dreaming of going to Egypt? <<<<<
Check out Leyla's Shadow of the Sphinx Tour Page for upcoming tours.
DVD - "She is so full of knowledge and shares it. I learned so much from it, now when I dance I
understand music much better kudos Leyla!!!"

CD - "This is one of the most beautifully arranged and produced CDs of Arabic music I have heard.
The sound is rich and velvety, inspirational to dance to and luxurious just to listen to. LOVE IT!" and
"All the songs are danceable! Usually there are 1 or 2 songs on a cd that are usable but this is all
good stuff. I've been playing it practically continuously since it arrived."
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Description of Leyla's ongoing & available workshops
Upcoming scheduled performances
Open Stage Dancers Nights ~ S.F. Bay Area
Live Music Dancer Nights in S.F. and San Mateo, CA
Egypt Trip ~ In the Shadow of the Sphinx
In the Shadow of the Sphinx, Magical Egypt Tour
Instructional DVD
Habibi, You Are My... WHAT?! - Essential Arabic for
Dancers Volume 1
Toolkit of over fifty of the most commonly heard words and
phrases in Arabic songs.  
Running time 75 minutes, Price $19.99
Cairo Blog - 2011
Leyla's blog written during her month's stay in Cairo in
June-July, 2011
Music CD
Music recorded in Egypt and conducted by Hassan abou el
Seoud featuring the sensational voice of Khalil Abboud.  
Egyptian big band sound, like an evening at a 5-star
nightclub in Cairo!
Running time 40 minutes, Price $9.99
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the
Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association.
An active club of dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area
El Ashaab
El Ashaab means "The Friends" in Arabic and is pronounced
"al as HAB".  
They are a group of friends based in San Francisco who
perform in
Bay Area festivals.  Al Ashab's performances are known for
their comic
touches as well as their fine dancing.
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