Fabulous Music for Your Dancing & Listening Pleasure!

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Found exclusively on this album:

  • Original instrumental dance set composed, arranged, personally directed and played by the great composer and accordionist Hassan Abou el Seoud
  • Two new songs written and composed especially for master singer Khalil Abboud
  • PLUS three favorites with fresh new arrangements
  • All tracks are excellent for dancing.
  • Summary translations of songs included

Rich Egyptian orchestral sound, with no synthesizers, the fabulous voice of Khalil Abboud – More on Khalil Abboud is included below the Track List.

Track List:

1. Ma Betisaloosh Leh? – Why don’t you ask for me? 5:18 – Why don’t you ask for me? You don’t know how much I miss you.

2. Ya Tayyeb el Galb – Oh, good-hearted one 5:56 – Where are you my good-hearted one? It’s not fair for you to leave the one who loves you. I miss you and hope you return to me.

3. Leyla’s Music – 12:30 – Instrumental Raqs Sharqi music composed by Hassan Abou el Seoud with a four minute drum solo.

4. Walla Keida Agbeen – I’m not appreciated 5:20 – I do one thing, you don’t like it.  I do the opposite, you don’t like it.  What else can I do?  What else do you want?

5. Sanateen Wana Hayyil – For two years I’ve been trying 8:00 -For two years I’ve been trying so hard.  With tears in my eyes I call to you.  That’s my luck to be in love with you, the one who tortures me.

6. Mawal ya Hob – Ode to love 2:25 – Happiness, anger, trouble, suffering, that’s the way you are, oh love.  But I cannot resist you, oh love.    

Khalil Abboud, Arabic vocal artist from Lebanon, has been moving audiences with his voice for over three decades. Khalil has made singing appearances in Kuwait, Damascus, Paris, London and various locations in the USA and Canada.  In 1979, he moved to San Francisco and since then has sung at weddings, parties and other happy occasions and has appeared as featured artist at the top nightclubs and fine restaurants all over the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In Cairo, Egypt, Khalil met with some of Egypt’s top composers and musicians, including Hassan abou el Seoud, a top composer of hit songs for top singing artists all over the Middle East. Khalil introduced Leyla Lanty to Hassan abou el Seoud, who composed a belly dance piece and set it for her, “Leyla’s Music” (track 3).