Four well-received workshops I’ve proudly presented:


Dancing Inside the Music ~ How to Dance Like an Egyptian or Any Other Arab

Monthly 2-Hour Workshops ~ With these workshops under your belt, you need never feel insecure about dancing to Arabic music again!  Each workshop is priced affordably with advance registration discount.

Workshops are aimed at student to professional dancers who want to make their dance, choreographed or improvised, express Arabic music in the moment, from within. Each session, Leyla will break technique down, body part by body part, then put it all back together in its modified form so you can achieve an Egyptian/Arabic look and feel in your performances.

You will learn:

  • How to listen and dance to the music the way Arabs do, how to choose dance movements, body language, gestures and expressions appropriate to the different layers of Arabic music.
  • How to dance to live Arabic music even if you’ve never heard the piece before by improvising the way an Egyptian or other Arab dancer would improvise.  
  • How to hear what’s coming next in an Arabic music piece to make improvising easier, based on typical structure of most dance songs and compositions.
  • How to modify your moves for raqs sharqi, folklore and shaabi styles.
  • Rhythms for dancers and how to improve zill playing to coordinate with the musicians. Arabic words and phrases useful for dancers to know.