Dancing Inside the Music ~ How to Dance Like an Egyptian or Any Other Arab
Monthly 2-Hour Workshops
~ With these workshops under your belt, you need never
feel insecure about dancing to Arabic music again!  Each workshop is priced affordably
with advance registration discount.

Workshops are aimed at student to professional dancers who want to make their dance, choreographed
or improvised, express Arabic music in the moment, from within. Each session
, Leyla will break
technique down, body part by body part, then put it all back together in its modified form so you can
achieve an Egyptian/Arabic look and feel in your performances.

You will learn:
  • How to listen and dance to the music the way Arabs do, how to choose dance movements, body
    language, gestures and expressions appropriate to the different layers of Arabic music.
  • How to dance to live Arabic music even if you've never heard the piece before by improvising the
    way an Egyptian or other Arab dancer would improvise.  
  • How to hear what's coming next in an Arabic music piece to make improvising easier, based on
    typical structure of most dance songs and compositions.
  • How to modify your moves for raqs sharqi, folklore and shaabi styles.
  • Rhythms for dancers and how to improve zill playing to coordinate with the musicians.
  • Arabic words and phrases useful for dancers to know.

Leyla:  “I want to teach what I’ve learned from studies and workshops
with Egyptian master dance teachers over the last 20+ years, 7 years of
performing to live Arabic music for Arabs and hours of ‘just plain
dancing’ with Arabs from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria,
Iraq and other parts of the Arab world.”

How do native Arabs react to Leyla’s performances?
  • “That’s REAL Arab dancing!”,
  • “If I did not know she’s not Egyptian, I would think she IS Egyptian!”
  • “Leyla, THANK YOU!”

Habibi, You Are My WHAT?!
Leyla Lanty's Essential Arabic for Dancers

  • Do you wonder what Arabic singers are singing about?
  • Do you wonder how to interpret Arabic songs to your audience?  

If you want to know how to put real meaning into your dancing,
this fun, informative workshop is for you.  

Leyla presents a toolkit of over fifty of the most commonly heard words and
phrases found in Arabic songs along with gestures and body language that go
with them.  She includes cultural notes throughout to explain the context and
underlying meaning of those words and phrases.  This will help you understand
the tone and emotion of Arabic songs and how to express them to your audience.  
You'll have everyone, even Arabs, wondering where and how you learned Arabic!   
Leyla will have you "singing along" with a well known popular song and will give
you insights into two other favorites.

Now Available on DVD.
Play Finger Cymbals Musically & With Confidence

How to play cymbals while you are dancing without
losing either the music or the dance.  

  • Do your feet lose their way when you play
finger cymbals?
  • Does playing cymbals twist your fingers into
a knot when you dance?
  • Do you know a "malfouf" from an "ayoub," a "balady"
from a "maqsoum," or a "maqsoum" from a "Saidi"?   

In this workshop, you will learn the best cymbal patterns to play with these rhythms and more
plus the most effective way to practice playing while dancing.  You will learn the rhythms, their
names in Arabic, and how to differentiate them from one another.  

Leyla developed this workshop to teach at
Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, Egypt.  She has
returned to Cairo to teach it every year since 2006.

Egyptian Folk Style Cane Dance

  • Do you know what kind of music is appropriate for cane dance?
  • Which dance movements?
  • Which cane movements?
  • How to pick a cane up or put it down on stage?
  • How to balance a cane on your head (or anything else)?
  • How to avoid dropping a cane or throwing it across the
stage or into your audience?

You will learn the answers to all these questions and more plus a brief
choreography using Egyptian Saidi, Balady and Ghawazee movements.
Like an Egyptian or Any Other Arab ~ Series
has been POSTPONED UNTIL late 2015 because of
a back injury that needs more time to heal.
  • Habibi, You Are My WHAT?! Essential
    Arabic for Dancers
  • Play Finger Cymbals Musically & with
  • Egyptian Folk Style Cane Dance
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